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Retail Innovation Consulting

​ At re:innovation, our mission is to optimize and automate processes in retail industry by providing best-in-class solutions that seamlessly integrate supply chain, retail planning, merchandising, workforce and operations automation to drive efficiency, reduce waste, boost sales and enhance the customer experience

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Merchandising & Promotion Planning

Demand Planning & Supply Chain

Price Optimization & Automation

Food Waste Prevention

Retail Robotic Process Automation



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Strategic Retail Consulting

Retail Processes Automation

Professional Services

It is all about translating the strategy and aligning business and technical processes,maximizing your gain from the software, because every business is different, therefore individual coaching and consulting is crucial.

 Automation, industry-wide, is implemented by companies with a need to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and boost customer experiences. Put simply; retail automation is all about using innovative tools and technology to improve processes and ensure efficiency in operation

We provide seamless implementation, migration and update of the systems, from requirements planning to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond to Local, Experienced and Customer-centric Support.

Our Story

Purple People

"Purple people" refers to individuals who possess a combination of both business and technical skills. They are able to understand and navigate the business landscape while also having a deep understanding of data and technology. These hybrid professionals are able to use their unique skillset to leverage new and emerging technologies to solve business problems through collaboration, communication and other specific skills such as database management and statistics. This is the role of re:innovation Team.


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