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Human resources are essential in any organization as they play a critical role in managing and developing the workforce. The onboarding process, which is the process of integrating new employees into the organization, should be smooth and efficient to ensure a positive first impression and a successful transition for the new employee. Clear communication and a friendly approach during administrative tasks and requirements can help to foster a positive and productive working environment.

Seamless HR Operations

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    Extracting data from documents & data entry & data migration

    The process of onboarding can be optimized by reading the employee data from their documents. By automatically capturing relevant information from their ID you can automate the creation of all the necessary documents which are designed for the onboarding. These data can be automatically imported  in systems like: ERP, Payroll System etc. 

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    Multiple location document access and interaction

    By implementing RPA solutions we can facilitate the interaction with the employees from the store: contracts, resumes, and requested certificates can be automatically requested, created and transferred through the systems. 

    Furthermore, during the development and retention period for an employee, you can automate the interaction with the HR department using RPA bots.

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    Checks and validations

    Checking data from multiple sources is a well-known use case of RPAs. You can automate the cross-check of the employee’s absence reports by comparing them with the access cards reports. Also, the payroll data can be automatically checked with the same information from the ERP in order to increase accuracy. 

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