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The retailers are constantly looking for solutions to improve the ordering area, because it involves multiple departments, systems, suppliers and a lot of paperwork. The software applications are usually legacy systems and by improving the interaction with those systems we can perform major improvements on the workflows.

Purchasing Automation

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    Inserting & Updating data into the systems

    RPA solutions are capable of interacting with your ERP system, in order to automatically import the data, update the information and check if the data was correctly introduced and maintained. Repetitive activities such as introducing data row by row from an Excel spreadsheet into your own apps can be easily done with an RPA.

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    Data migration

    There are multiple situations which take a lot of time, for instance: when you need to get documents from a specific email and you need to organize them all at the same place, when you need to extract data from supplier’s systems in order to import the information in your system, when you need to comply to the national laws and for that you need to move the data from a system to another in order to have the bigger picture. We can also ease these processes by analyzing them and by introducing RPA solutions in specific areas.

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    Data validations

    In order to prevent the human errors that may appear, the RPAs are also used in order to check the data and to propose corrections, when needed. Even if we are talking about order corrections when the retailer places the order to the supplier, or about the stores which order from the warehouses, we can support and improve the flows with RPAs. Also, alerts can be raised each time the human input is needed.

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    Extracting data from documents

    In the ordering processes there are many documents involved. Let’s take as an example the invoices and the delivery notes . Each time you receive these documents someone needs to introduce the data in the system in order to process it further. The data from such an invoice or… can be automatically extracted using the RPA and the information can be imported easily to the system. It saves a lot of valuable time and paper.

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