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Maximize the return on investment for your store space, increase sales, and drive operational efficiency with our planogram optimization and retail floor planning software.


Planogram and floor planning

  • Solution Details

    Apply data science to the art of visual merchandising

    Leverage RELEX’s AI-driven demand forecasting to keep your store space in sync with changing customer demand while driving sales and increasing operational efficiency through locally optimized planograms.


  • Solution Details


    increase in sales


    reduction in store order lines


    increase in straight-to-shelf replenishment


    reduction in inventory

  • Solution Details

    Drive larger ROI on your store space

    Use data-driven insights to optimize your space allocation by category, product, and store so your business can drive sales, reduce stock-outs, and ensure your best-selling items are placed right where they’re needed to maximize basket value.

  • Solution Details

    Automate planogram optimization

    Locally optimized planograms without the manual work: combine your visual merchandisers’ expertise with data-driven optimization to automatically produce visually appealing planograms that meet your stores’ individual needs.

  • Solution Details

    Update thousands of planograms quickly

    Reduce the amount of time your planners waste making manual adjustments for each product or category update by leveraging automation to keep your planograms and floor plans continuously up to date.

  • Solution Details

    Improve collaboration and compliance

    Enable smooth, paperless communication between central teams and stores with mobile access to floor plans and planograms that allows stores to review, adjust, and provide feedback on local needs.

  • Solution Details

    Get started quickly

    Reap the benefits of advanced analytics and optimization without hiring a team of data scientists. RELEX’s intuitive, user-friendly software makes it easy for your merchandising team to level up from generic planograms to store-specific optimization.

  • Solution Details

    Reduce operational costs

    Factor localized replenishment schedules and day-level demand into your planogram optimization to enable direct-to-shelf replenishment, reducing your goods handling costs while minimizing the need for backroom storage.

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