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Retail sales area should be the main focus for optimizations, because it covers all the stores that a retailer has and it also helps the employees from the store to think more about operational excellence instead of performing repetitive tasks.

Integrated Checkout Process

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    Data checks

    In a store there is a huge amount of work spent on the cash desk workflows and the checks that come along with it. The employees from the stores spend a lot of time on checking the amounts and the reports at the end of each fiscal day. Part of the checks correlated to the cash desk workflow, the inventories and the … can be covered by the implementation of RPAs.

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    Data entry

    The checked data from each store is then  introduced into the system in order to be centralized. This part can also be automated and significantly improved.

  • Solution Details

    Extracting data from documents

    In the stores there are multiple workflows that involve paper documents which are, most of the times, required by law: documents that cover the environment / recycling area, documents related to the cash desk, documents related to the quality of the articles, logistics etc. In these documents there is relevant data which needs to be transformed in a digital format. For this purpose, the implementation of RPAs is the solution. 

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