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Supporting the Finance & Accounting part with RPAs means a big optimization for the whole business. 

When we are talking about invoicing, payment data, cash collection, bank statements we are also talking about various systems like emails, ERPs, CRMs, logistics systems and other third party systems. 

Improved Finance & Accounting Processes

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    Reconciliations (checks & validations)

    The major breakthrough is that RPAs can help a lot in terms of reconciliations: comparing data and checking the data from our systems with the data from the third party systems. 

    Checking the data from your ERP with the data from the cash collection company, comparing the details that you have from the banks with the details that you have from your cash desks and checking the data from the home delivery companies with the data from your system… It means a big increase in accuracy and also a lot of time saved.

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    Data entry

    In accounting there are many documents that are processed in spreadsheets and, after this initial processing, they are inserted, row by row, into the retailer’s system. This kind of activity can be automated with RPAs and besides the fact that it will be much faster, the chance of errors will decrease significantly.

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    Extracting data from documents & data import

    Even though each retailer has its own way of processing documents, the common point is that invoices, receipts and delivery notes are always a challenge. Automatically reading of these documents is now possible with RPA. You can have all the invoices in one folder, start the robot and then just explore and process a spreadsheet that will contain all the invoices data. Furthermore you can automate the data import into your system.

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