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Focusing on the customer is one of the main objectives for a retailer. This is why we make sure that this relationship goes smoothly and the customer interaction with the retailer is efficient. 

Customer Journey Enhancement

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    Data migration

    One common situation in terms of using RPA is the data transfer and migration between internal systems and third party applications and/or services. 

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    Data entry

    There are multiple use cases for RPAs which are covering the data entry in terms of customer relationship. For instance, the customers can generate their own invoice in the store, the employees from the headquarter can automate the creation of promo campaigns which has a big impact on the end customer and the process of generating and using the loyalty cards can become more efficient using the right solution.

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    Data updates & validations

    In order to assure the correctness of the campaign data, customer invoicing data and other customer related data, the RPA solutions are able to perform checks and validations and, for this purpose, to interact with third party systems or with the legacy systems for double checks. 

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